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Hi, we are Gino & Joe and our goal is to get you fit on a student budget. Think of us like the crash test dummies of fitness. Experimenting with everything from free park workouts to using a broomstick to work those forearms.







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Intermediate Rest Day – No Equipment, No Gym – Active Rest Day
The rest day is a term that some will associate with sitting on their arse and binging Netflix, whereas others[...]

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Finding that you neglect your forearms too much? Wanting that imposing figure on your arms? Then this is the video for you! In today's video we give you a rundown of all the exercises you can do for your forearms without the need for a gym, money and with only household items.

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Matilda's Meals

Our very own queen of student meals. Matilda will have you cooking and baking before you know it. Want to spice up your food life? Give one of Matilda's meals a try.

Matilda’s Meals – Home made red pesto with courghetti
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Matilda’s Meals – Banana and Berry Blast Bowl
By Matilda Hewitt Here is one of my standard "go to" breakfasts. Blast bowls are super easy as all you[...]
Matilda’s Meals – Overnight Oats
By Matilda Hewitt This is my absolute fave post work out meal! It's so easy to prepare and can be[...]
Matilda’s Meals – Superfood Salad
By Matilda Hewitt This recipe is inspired from one of the cookbooks I have at home - the hungry student[...]

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