Summer HIIT – Get Shredded in the Summer Sun!

It may be rare, but the sun has been shining down a lot lately, giving us lots of reason to go outside; be it barbecues

HIIT Beach Workout – Working Out Abroad

So you’re on holiday with a few mates but you don’t want to lose those gains whilst you enjoy the stunning sceneries of Spain or

Muscle Building

How to get strong forearms at home

When it comes to the quintessential imposing muscle, many tend to forget about the forearms. You know that bit that connects the biceps you constantly

Student Recipes

Pilau Rice, Tuna & Beans – Healthy Quick Cheap Lunches

Recipe By Gino & Joe This recipe really is student recipes on a budget. What else is more studenty than beans? This quick meal is a

Fruity Smoothie – Cheap Healthy Snacks

Here's a quick healthy smoothie you can make, that will have you well on your way to having your 5 a day. Ingredient 1/2 a banana – £0.14 (Aldi) 1/2 a