Health & Fitness on a Student Budget

Hi, we are Gino & Joe and our goal is to get ourselves & you fit on a student budget. Think of us like the crash test dummies of fitness. Experimenting with everything from free park workouts to using a broomstick to work those forearms. 






Getting #fitterbytheday with the Beachbodystudent team!!

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The £15 Shopping List #15quidshop
Here's a common problem we constantly hear students complain about. "I don't know what to buy for the week". If[...]

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In this episode, we'll be taking you through all the motions needed for robust abs as well as some cardio. This workout is intended as part of our Intermediate Workout Plan, subscribe to us for the full playlist.

You can also check out the text version of this workout - CLICK HERE

Matilda's Meals

Our very own queen of student meals. Matilda will have you cooking and baking before you know it. Want to spice up your food life? Give one of Matilda's meals a try.

Matilda’s Meals – Pea, Broccoli and Basil Soup
This is a great healthy meal for lunch or a light dinner during these cold wintry months. I got this[...]
Matilda’s Meals – Chicken with Broccoli Rice
If you're looking for a lean meal that's quick and easy to make then this one is for you... I[...]
Matilda’s Meals – Bulgar Wheat Stuffed Peppers
For my birthday in June, I got a few new recipe books and these stuffed peppers are my fave that[...]
Matilda’s Meals- Cheesy Chicken with Mozzarella
By Matilda Hewitt If you're ever in a rush or stuck for ideas for a quick, easy and nutritious meal,[...]

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